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自動拍攝特定角度,重複大量拍攝 當您決定好拍攝的角度,就能將其標準化重複拍攝,自定義拍攝流程的功能就是您最好的幫手,例如要依序拍攝物品的前方、左側、右側、45度角,只要先設定一個拍照順序流程,只要啟動這個流程就能自動進行拍攝, 將繁複的拍攝工作交給電腦處理。



Multi-camera 3D Photography Solution - Ortery 3D MultiArm with a 3D PhotoBench 260T

“The (Ortery) studio allows us to take pictures that appear as if they were taken by the same person, on the same day, in the same lighting, over time. The workflow is very fast. The results are very good. The user interface is really intuitive. I can’t imagine shooting this quantity of products any other way.” Chris Barnes, Supervisor of eCommerce, Softmoc