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DualView 600

創建 3D 產品攝影

DualView 600 是 Ortery 燈箱和轉盤系統的可選配件,使您能輕鬆管理兩台相機,從不同的拍攝高度、拍攝距離和傾斜角度拍攝您的物品。 您可以使用帶輪子的 DualView 600 將相機移動到任何地方,並分別調整相機在垂直/水平臂上的高度和拍攝距離。

  • 主機尺寸

    27.4 x 33.5 x 80.7”/ 69.7 x 85 x 205cm

  • 重量

    86lbs (39kg)

  • 上相機手臂長度

    21.7”/ 55.1cm

  • 下相機手臂長度

    10.2”/ 25.9cm


  • 適合多角度展示產品
  • 自動雙角度拍攝及影像合成
  • 增加展示的彈性
  • 雙角度拍攝工作流程
  • HTML5格式影像展示,適用於各種手持裝置
  • 免費HTML5 Plug-in,適用於各大電商平台
  • 調整相機位置並鎖定
  • 標示相機的高度和距離
  • 鋁製強化結構
  • 雙相機位置可分別調節
  • 提供雙相機的電源供應
  • 提供電源及USB3.0連接
  • 提供束線帶理線
  • 適用於各種尺寸拍攝
  • 可搭配任一Ortery的轉盤
  • 使用Ortery Capture流程軟體,不需要其他外掛軟體



  • 提供更多影像資訊
  • 提升客戶產品信賴度
  • 增加銷售
  • 減少退貨率
  • 操作容易

3D Image Software

  • Patented technology. Fully automates the creation and 3D stitching of interactive 2-row product views
  • Takes up to 720 images with 2 rows
  • Software controls the entire process – from product placement and automatic capture to stitching and upload to the cloud
  • Compatible Canon cameras fire in sync with turntable movement
  • Simultaneously control 2 Canon cameras
  • Vertical and Horizontal arm adjustments allow for capture of any product
  • Arms equipped with rulers for repeatable camera placement
  • Accelerates image capture for JPG, PNG, TIFF, RAW, HTML5, PSD, GIF, MOV, MP4 output
  • Creates 3D product views with any lighting or LiveStudio when used with a PhotoCapture 360 turntable
  • Creates 3D product views on pure white or transparent backgrounds when used with a 3D PhotoBench or Infinity series turntable
  • Also creates still, video and 360 product views
  • Best settings can be saved and reused for increase productivity
  • Batch editing, stitching and saving
  • Easy to learn and use

Hardware Features

  • Patented hardware design
  • Works with any Ortery turntable – PhotoCapture, Infinity or PhotoBench Series
  • Each arm features a control box containing power and USB 3.0
  • Fluid mobility and steady placement
  • Wheels for moving. Legs for leveling
  • Universal tripod heads fit all cameras. Feature tilt, landscape and portrait positioning
  • Easy Assembly and arm height adjustments
  • Excellent Craftsmanship, One-year Free Software Upgrades, One-year Hardware Warranty

Create Interactive 3D Views in 3 Modes

When used with an Ortery 360 turntable or light box, software automatically controls and guides the user through the entire creation process. Resulting product views are interactive and provide an accurate representation of the product. Simply click and drag left and right, as well as up and down to see the product from different angles or in different configurations.


Interactive 3D Product Views

Give customers a 3D view of your products

  • Great for eCommerce, quality control, archival and photogrammetry
  • Resulting 3D product views can feature deep zoom, hotspots, hyperlinks, and more
  • Creative control over animation movement and look and feel
  • Standard HTML5 output with plug ins available for main eCommerce platforms
  • 3D Animations play in any browser and can be viewed online, locally or on a network

"Photography is performed by undergraduate students and the Photosimile system has ensured we get publishable images every time. We have taken over 80,000 images using Ortery equipment."