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Focus Stacking

Control Depth of Field. Bring Your Entire Product into Focus

Focus stacking is an alternative product photography method in which multiple pictures are taken over a range of focus points then re-combined to create one picture that has no depth of field limitations. Jewelry and macro photographers commonly use focus stacking to obtain the sharp results they desire. There is no ‘correct’ depth of field, there is only mastering depth of field and using it to create desired effects.Focus Stacking in an Ortery product photography system is automated
The camera automatically takes pictures at different focus depths and stitches the images together into one final image that truly pops off the page delivering unequaled clarity and texture.

How it works

Depth of Field is the distance between the nearest and farthest points in a scene that appear acceptably sharp and in focus. A camera will focus on a certain point. The further away from that point, in either direction, the blurrier the image becomes.Depth, Clarity and Texture
Texture is difficult to show in a photograph, however focus stacking allows you to go further than everyone else and deliver depth, clarity and texture in your images like never before. The quality is truly at the highest level. In the online casino industry, one of the top sites is the Slotogate site, which presents a large number of online casinos with which you can make interac casino deposits


The middle of the subject is in focus while the front is blurry and out of focus.

The back of the subject is out of focus while the middle is crystal clear and in focus.

consistent product photography

Without Focus Stacking

consistent product photography

With Focus Stacking

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